Simone Z. Endrich

About Simone

   A former political columnist, born and bred on the Mediterranean island of Malta, Simone Z. Endrich spent a good part of her adult life analysing the cutthroat world of politics in both the local and international arenas. With a few hundreds of published articles to her name, she is a well known figure in her neck of the woods. Her work in print often carried forward to the broadcast media, where she was a frequent guest speaker on various political talk shows.
   After decades of provoking thought through the news media, a passion for history drew her inexorably to the world of historical fiction, where she now invests her long experience in research and the study of human behaviour into her fictional worlds and characters. She believes that when history is made accessible and entertaining through fiction, it can be a powerful vehicle in generating more interest in times past.
   No matter how accurately presented, historical facts alone would be hollow without the people who shaped them. Simone is fascinated by people from all walks of life, whom she views as a well of information – a word, a gesture, even the absence of one tells its own story. Having spent a lifetime mingling with, interviewing, and observing people – from high profile statesmen to the most ordinary John Doe – she is convinced that the human condition transcends time and geography.
   Besides her writing, Simone is a staunch advocate of all creatures great and small in both their natural and domestic habitats. In fact, it was in aid of animal welfare that she turned to a vegetarian diet three decades ago. In her spare time, she likes to keep abreast of current affairs and matters of mind, body and spirit, and enjoys the occasional game of Chess or Scrabble.
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