Carriage Horses

Cleveland Bay

Oldest of the established British breeds, the Cleveland Bay is a wonderful utility horse, meeting a variety of needs. Around the end of the 19th century, the Cleveland Bay horses, known at the time in their native Yorkshire as Chapmans, already had a history dating back 150 years. Even then they were very fixed in type. They were strong and short-legged and capable of carrying great weights. At that time the Cleveland Bays were used extensively in hilly areas on farms and as pack animals. It is thought the early Cleveland Bay horses carried some blood of the racing Galloway, now extinct. Also, Andalusian and Barb infusions occurred in the 17th century.
The old name of Chapman was given to the early Cleveland Bays, as they were used by travelling salesmen known as chapmen prior to the advent of wheeled carriages.
Colour: Almost always bay, with black mane, tail and points.

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