The Rustic

   MONTAGUE de la VALETTE, VISCOUNT DUNHOLME, is a proud and cold despot whose disdain for the lower orders is notorious. The notion that he may have sired a bastard by one of his servants is hence a bitter cup. But the product of his faux pas is hard to ignore and Montague’s conscience will give him no peace. Pride and arrogance vie with sentiment as a simple rustic boy breaks through his barriers.
   ETHAN TIDRIDGE, a stable boy, worships the Master with the passionate zeal of an orphan dreaming of possessing a real father. In defiance of a spiteful mother and a host of antagonists across the social divide, he is determined to become a proper gentleman his father could be proud of. And to win his love above all things.
   A father, driven to atone for his sin, and a son, hovering between two worlds, battle the odds and a prejudiced society as the future looms uncertain. From a country estate steeped in the fox hunting tradition to the hubbub of a busy metropolis, from stables to stately drawing rooms to the fields of Eton College, their path is fraught with peril as Ethan’s quest earns him two lifelong enemies – his father's wife and the Dunholme heir – whose hatred for the misbegot defines their existence.
   Will Montague overcome his scruples and take a son of tainted blood to his bosom? Will father and son breach the divide between the social orders to build a lasting bond between them?

Author: Simone Z. Endrich, ISBN: 123456789

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